Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

The Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies is the professional association that serves as the collective voice of North America's state, provincial and territorial fish and wildlife agencies.

Our mission is to support and advocate for state, provincial and territorial authority for fish and wildlife conservation and to assist those agencies in promoting science-based resource management in collaboration with public and private partners.

Our vision is for healthy fish and wildlife populations and habitats that are managed by state, provincial and territorial members for long-term public benefit, use and support. 

America's fish and wildlife belong to all of us as a public trust, and for more than 100 years, state, provincial and territorial fish and wildlife agencies have upheld the primary responsibility for conserving and preventing the exploitation of those resources on public and private lands and waters within their borders.

The Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies represents North America’s fish and wildlife agencies to advance sound, science-based management and conservation of fish and wildlife and their habitats in the public interest.

The Association represents its state agency members on Capitol Hill and before the Administration to advance favorable fish and wildlife conservation policy and funding and works to ensure that all entities work collaboratively on the most important issues. The Association also provides member agencies with coordination services on cross-cutting as well as species-based programs that range from birds, fish habitat and energy development to climate change, wildlife action plans, conservation education, leadership training and international relations.

Working together, the Association’s member agencies are ensuring that North American fish and wildlife management has a clear and collective voice.